The Race to 50 Million

There is a magic number that means a product has reach mass adoption. It’s 50 million. At 50 million you have a lot of people to sell too.

So, the question is this: how long does it take for you to release a solution that can reach 50 million users?

The simple answer: very fast.

This is how long traditional tools took to reach 50 million users:

Telephone ~ 75 years

Radio ~ 38 years

Television ~ 13 years

Internet ~ 4 years

Facebook ~ 3.5 years

iPod ~ 3 years

AOL ~ 2.5 years

Draw Something app ~ 50 days

Angry Birds Space app ~ 35 days

Temple Run 2 – 13 days

Apple’s iOS 6.1 Update – 1 Day


The race to 50 million is now same day.

About Matthew David

Matthew David is Director for Mobile Strategy for the Professional Services Division at Compuware Corporation. Over the last three years, Matthew has consulted on mobile strategies for companies such as MillerCoors, Walgreens, Adobe, Academy of Art University and Microsoft. Mr. David is a published author of more than 10 books, including HTML5 (2nd Ed), HTML5 for Mobile Web Sites and Flash Mobile.