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Connecting Technology Failures to Business Failures


Techfails are inevitable. But they don’t have to be the cause of major disruption and lost revenue. With appropriate preparation, the right mindset and a proactive approach to performance, you can improve your reaction times and organize your response in ways that will reduce negative outcomes on the business. In Techfail, episode 2 of The Family Code, we get to see four different approaches to dealing with costly and disruptive IT issues. Most … [Read more...]

Your IT Leadership: Relic, Hipster, Hysteric or Guru?


What kind of IT manger do you work with? These personality types might seem extreme, but they probably symbolically represent someone you’ve worked with -- or maybe still do. Those “types” are actually characters in a video series called The Family Code, about a family of IT managers – and they help make some great points. One character in particular possesses the skills and attitudes necessary to manage modern IT environments, while those … [Read more...]

Is IT Still Not Stepping Up in the New Normal?


Wanted: Programmers who act like customer service representatives and IT managers who think like business majors. Job descriptions may not actually be written that way, but these “additional” skills are becoming mandatory for many companies when they hire technologists. Netflix gets it: “You seek to understand our strategy, market, customers, and suppliers.” “You are broadly knowledgeable about business [and] technology….” “You … [Read more...]

Facebook Blu-ray ‘Cold’ Storage – Will it be Hot?


All companies and consumers find themselves in need of a reliable backup system with ample storage space. But what does a company the size of Facebook do, with over 1 billion users, over 54 million user pages, and an average of 20 million apps installed daily? Apparently, they create a new storage cabinet, one that holds 10,000 Blu-ray discs boasting a petabyte worth of space! Into this vast storage goes their “cold” or rarely accessed archived … [Read more...]

Simple Tech that Went Crazy – Magnetic Compass


In a time and place when innovation is an expectation and true discovery an almost daily occurrence, it is easy to lose track of the tech that is so simple and elegant it may not have fundamentally changed in a thousand years. Tech now so common place that its absence would prove to be a seemingly impassable obstacle to overcome. And what more important than the device that spawned an era of human exploration, setting into a motion an evolution … [Read more...]

Will IT and the Business ever get along?


Ever hear this before? Marketing: “Keep IT out of this.  If they get involved they are going to slow the project down with too many internal processes and we’ll never get the app we need, when we need it.  Let’s get some agency quotes and go from there.” Or this? IT: “Yeah, we’ve got incredible data that marketing and product management would salivate over, but we’ve learned our lesson in the past. If we go to them with an idea, it gets shot … [Read more...]

The Yin-Yang CIO


In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus was the god of beginnings and transitions, usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. The Romans named the month of January in his honor. Is it possible for the CIO to have two faces, one as a business innovator, the other as the manager in charge of “keeping the trains running on time"? Is this the right question to ask about the role of the CIO in … [Read more...]

Top Tales from Tech Support


The head-banging, mind-numbing, keyboard destroying #techfail's of the technically deficient user are what unfortunately both fuel and extinguish our spirits in the IT world. I love people, but stupid is as stupid does and no matter how hard we try, its impossible to “Gump-it-down” for some morons to find a way to get through their day without terrorizing ours. So with that in mind we bring you the best from our favorite subreddit, Tales From … [Read more...]

10 Sci-Fi Tech Fails


While techfails are a serious issue faced by organizations across the globe – a challenge that can negatively impact IT and the business – we’ve also noticed that techfails occur in other places (or even at other times), such as in a galaxy far, far away or even deep into the future. But in these techfail scenarios, forget about the impact on brand reputation or your bottom line – you could get obliterated by the Empire. Or inadvertently start … [Read more...]

The 4 Flavors of the Internet of Stuff: Facebook-Amazon-Google-Apple Vision Envy


Two years ago, Fast Company reported on the “great tech war” of the four leading horsemen of the Internet--Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple (let’s call them the FAGA Four).  The race for Internet dominance has intensified since then, with Amazon pitting the Kindle Fire against the iPad and Google responding to Facebook with Google+.  Each of these four companies has moved from its base to capture more social, mobile, local, delivery, … [Read more...]