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In this blog series, we ask the question, “Why not use the best?” using the example of source code management (SCM). More often than not, organizations prefer to use tools and solutions that offer them the greatest advantage to their competitors. Yet, so often companies deliberately settle for less, choosing to employ an inferior product in lieu of the superior solution.

Many mainframe shops employ outdated SCM tools that end up causing headaches for those who use them. By failure to modernize functionality in keeping pace with the digital economy, these SCM tools typically require too much manual operation and often are unable to perform certain needed functions, making it necessary to plug in other tools and causing more labor. Ultimately, spending extra unnecessary time on one tool keeps developers from devoting the right amount of time to other areas of the application development or maintenance process, slowing down everything.

Fortunately, organizations are capable of answering the question we pose: Why not use the best? For more insight into this issue and our opinion on a much better solution that will provide better outcomes for your organization, read this series and let us know your opinion.

Compile Skeletons: Why Not Use the Best?

By | April 21st, 2016|Code Quality, DevOps|

As a Product Manager I’m constantly looking for the win-win option of something that provides flexibility with minimal complexity. Often this balance is only achieved by starting with the right philosophy and continually learning from customer experience.

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Exit Strategies: Why Not Use the Best?

By | March 28th, 2016|Agile Development, COBOL, Code Quality, Data, DevOps|

Here at Compuware we converted from CA Endevor to ISPW for our Source Code Management (SCM). I noticed right away that ISPW used a superior way to implement exits. You simply go to a panel and select the exit you need to modify from a list of all available exits. This is important because there is no hunting around to find the exits—they are all listed.

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Balancing Complexity and Flexibility: Why Not Use the Best?

By | March 9th, 2016|Agile Development, App Performance, Code Quality, DevOps|

Sometimes things like SCM products are naturally complex, but that complexity should be handled out of the view and participation of the user. The goal of a product should be what we’ve termed "elegant simplicity": a simple, intuitive and natural way to accomplish what needs to done.

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Data Access: Why Not Use the Best?

By | March 1st, 2016|Agile Development, App Performance, Code Quality|

Having now used ISPW versus Endevor, you quickly appreciate the benefits of its modern architecture. You quickly begin to value the improvements in efficiency, performance and power you get with a database. And, you quickly come to the conclusion, why did I let myself fall into the day-to-day trap of tolerating the loss of productivity from a Source Code Management that is a prisoner of the past?

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