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How does Google Fiber (Gigabit Internet) affect User Behavior?


I consider myself a bit of a multitasker. Not necessarily by choice, but because I don’t have ANY patience for load time while researching, browsing or communicating online. During my standard web browsing session I’ll click on some sub-page link for something in one tab, jump to another to change the music track I’m listening to, jump to another to google something and then jump back to the original tab with the finally loaded sub-page I wanted … [Read more...]

Which Industries Have the Fastest Web and Mobile Performance?


In early February, we announced our third annual Best of the Web award winners for 2011. The awardsshowcased leaders in web and mobile site performance across seven U.S. major industries based on web and mobile site performance for the entire year. As a follow on to the “Best of the Web 2011: Compuware Gomez Web and Mobile Performance Awards” comprehensive report, we analyzed the data for web and mobile performance trends across industries. … [Read more...]