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Social Data Privacy: Wasted Political Effort?

Data Privacy Eraser

Forget abortion, same sex marriage, or taxes, the political controversy of the next decade will be social data privacy. Data privacy has been a “managed” issue for years. Companies like Symantec and EMC have been delivering solutions to corporations to help “control” the issue.  There are firms that specialize in identity theft and credit card companies have gotten very sophisticated with analyzing big data to detect and combat fraud. There are … [Read more...]

I work in IT, what do I need social media for?


If you work for a company in the technology industry, then you are automatically a thought leader/ subject matter expert/ one smart cookie. Whether you work on the core product or you run the network, you can help your company be seen as having smart people, who know their tech. You can do this by blogging, adding original IT content to SlideShare or YouTube.  Even getting out to developer forums like Dzone or answering  questions on Quora all … [Read more...]

Today’s Low Hanging Fruit is Business Intelligence from Social Media


About 8 months ago, my boss asked me to look into social media and see if it was something I would be willing to take on for the company. So, I started reading and absorbing all I could find about social media. 3 books, 8 webinars and countless articles later I came to a simple conclusion: Social Media holds the largest, most dynamic and interesting Business Intelligence database that has ever existed.  Is it a channel for promoting our brand and … [Read more...]

Is Social Media Forcing IT to Apologize?


I was counseling an executive at my company recently about how to participate in social media and she asked me how to explain her desire to participate to her husband who wanted to stay unknown to the world.  My answer was simply “Anonymity is not a choice on the table”. This is true for individuals, companies and yes, even IT departments. Social media has changed our world, everything is transparent.  Who we are, what we do and how we do it is … [Read more...]