Secure software delivery: who really owns it?

Attribution: mthierry

Software breaches caused by flaws in software are meat and drink for the IT and national press. Barely a week goes by without another announcement of sites being hacked and passwords stolen. At the heart of this are software developers who, if the press is to be believed, are a bunch of incompetent nitwits. When we ran our Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC) 2011 and 2012 survey on “The Stat of Secure Application Lifecycle Management”, code … [Read more...]

VPN usage is increasing, but can VPNs really protect your privacy?


Virtual Private Network companies have long promoted themselves as a way to surf the web while protecting your anonymity from potential snoopers. Traditionally VPN users have therefore been perceived as file-sharing pirates or individuals living under regimes that heavily censor the web. But in recent years, the unrelenting war against online privacy in the Western world - waged by copyright lobbyists and spy agencies alike - has seen more people … [Read more...]

Latest Test Data Privacy Advancements Shared in Webcast Replay

Compuware recently presented the webcast, Protect Sensitive Data in Test, Protect Your Business First, some background. The responsibility for properly managing test data tends to fall into the hands of IT. To properly test an application, the data it processes should be as close to “real” as possible.  But discovering the data while creating subsets, while maintaining relationships, while protecting sensitive information — all while following … [Read more...]