predictive analytics

Only one valid big data prediction for 2014: It’s a big opportunity for CIOs


This is the time of the year when forecasters tap their crystal balls to tell us which technologies will shine and which will fade. Given that big data became so prominent in our lives in 2013, it’s no wonder it is playing a big role in these predictions. But did anyone predict last year that big data (and metadata, and Hadoop and so on) will be so frequently discussed in mainstream, mass-audience publications in 2013? And that this sudden … [Read more...]

How Your Favorite Sports Teams Use Technology for “Business Intelligence”


The same way some businesses are gathering collective intelligence from product usage patterns or social media chatter, teams like Michigan State University basketball or Superbowl champ Baltimore Ravens are already tweaking their game plans and delivering individual instructions to their players to gain a competitive edge. Before MSU pummeled highly ranked state-rival University of Michigan last week, scouting staff was preparing a database of … [Read more...]

Today’s Low Hanging Fruit is Business Intelligence from Social Media


About 8 months ago, my boss asked me to look into social media and see if it was something I would be willing to take on for the company. So, I started reading and absorbing all I could find about social media. 3 books, 8 webinars and countless articles later I came to a simple conclusion: Social Media holds the largest, most dynamic and interesting Business Intelligence database that has ever existed.  Is it a channel for promoting our brand and … [Read more...]

Will IT Be Ready When Marketing Asks for Big Data?


Is it wrong to covet another company’s big data implementation?  If so, I am so very guilty.  I attended a great conference earlier this week called the B2B Corporate Social Media Summit (#CSMB2B).  Through most of the presentations, I was feeling pretty good about my efforts in social media.  I was getting validation of my strategy and getting inspired by the examples of my peers.  And then Greg Gerik, the head of social media for 3M took the … [Read more...]