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The Impact of a Mobile First World on Modern IT Infrastructure


Everyone from early educators, bloggers, and even President Obama himself, is encouraging the general public to “write an app”. While there are an abundance of tools and interfaces at our disposal, even for the rookie programmer, an important factor to consider is determining requirements on the back-end infrastructure. The general populace expects a certain level of app speeds and functionality; what kind of new or changed infrastructure will be … [Read more...]

Performance Trends: Finding Value Amid the Hype


At a recent event, I took advantage of having some of the world’s most notable APM experts all in one place by convincing them to be interviewed on camera. What I wanted to know was whether or not the hyped-up technology trends that we see constantly in the news were really being implemented in companies. We discussed the state of cloud, mobile, big data and the process trend DevOps. I read plenty of articles on this stuff so it was surprising to … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Apps Google Cast™ Ready


The wildly popular $35 Chromecast has seen tremendous growth, but until recently it has been limited to use with the Chrome browser and just a few mobile apps.  However, with the public release of Google Play Services 4.2 and the Google Cast API, the number of Google Cast Ready apps is about to skyrocket! Whether your app deals with audio, video, games or collaboration, you will want to look into supporting Google Cast.  And if you’re as … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from A Massive Mobile Christmas


It turns out that a lot of people received new Smartphones and Tablets as Holiday gifts this year. Christmas 2013 was the single biggest day for mobile activity on the web to date, setting a trend that will continue into 2014. IBM’s Digital Analytics Benchmark recorded some astounding figures this year regarding our mobile habits on Christmas day, 2013. Some of the highlights are: 48% of ALL online traffic came from Mobile devices Lesson … [Read more...]

Apple’s new iOS 7 has arrived for the Enterprise

iOS 7 for Enterprise

Past releases of Apple’s iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, have notoriously been anti-Enterprise. Then focus has been the consumer. The release of iOS 7 is a marked changed for Apple. There are now some interesting features in iOS 7 that IT groups will like, such as: Enterprise Single Sign-On – leverage your own Enterprise authentication to grant access to back-office systems Per-App VPN – use VPN (Virtual Private … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Support Your Holiday Sales with Mobile Strategies


After a disappointing sales season this fall for Victoria’s Secret, Costco, and American Apparel, among other merchants, the stakes are high for retailers heading into the crucial holiday shopping season. While it’s difficult to predict which retailers will reign supreme during the most crucial selling time of the year, one thing is certain: mobile devices will play an even bigger role in supporting retail sales this holiday. According to the … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS7 – Now You Need to Change Your Apps


Apple released that latest version of the mobile operating system, iOS7, on September 21st. Many of the of 700 million iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads were eligible for the free upgrade. It turns out that lots of people wanted to jump to the latest software from Apple. In three weeks Apple was able to successfully push out upgrades to 70 percent of all iOS devices (source), or nearly 500 million iDevices. That’s great –- most people are … [Read more...]

Inside a Hackathon – #HackTheMuseum at The Henry Ford Museum

hackathon work in progress

What does M&M’s, Red Bull, laptops and APIs all have in common? A hackathon! This last weekend, during the annual Detroit Maker Faire, The Henry Ford museum ran it’s first hackathon and I had the honor of being a judge. Hackathons are common sights at events like Maker Faire, and it is easy to see why. The spirit of a hackathon is founded in digital innovation. Teams get together on the day of the “hack” and have a finite amount of time to … [Read more...]

Push Button Development


We accept that touch interfaces are already a part of the application user experience.  We like using them most of the time, and so we might be considering whether to design them into our own application development projects.  Perhaps there is a logical and intuitive reason that begs for a touch interface, or you might want to indulge your creative side to add some new functionality to your application.  Did you ever think that an application … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface Pro: Early Returns Are In


It’s only been available for a few weeks, yet the pundits and technorati agree:  MS Surface Pro has some miles to go in its quest to carve out significant market share in the brutally competitive tablet marketplace.   The Surface Pro marketplace may be a little soft, too, in the form of numbers of developers actively writing applications for MS Surface Pro, and currently available applications For Surface RT and Surface Pro (about 50,000).  … [Read more...]