The New Compuware: We Deliver


Today, as promised in February, Compuware delivered integrations between Compuware Strobe and two BMC solutions: BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise and BMC MainView. These integrations enable Compuware-BMC customers to reduce their mainframe software licensing costs by 10% or more—even as the demands of the digital economy drive continued growth of their IBM z Systems workloads. These integrations highlight three important truths about the … [Read more...]

Java-on-zAAP: 5 Pros, One Con

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It’s been a decade since IBM first announced the zAAP processor for accelerating Java on the mainframe. Yet Java-on-zAAP remains under-exploited by enterprise IT. Curious as to why this is so, I’ve had many discussions with adopters and avoiders alike. As a result of these discussions, I’ve come up with a list of the five “pros” and one “con” regarding Java on the mainframe. Pro #1: Leveraging existing skills. Java skills abound within IT … [Read more...]

Too Many CIOs Still Without Plan To Address Mainframe Skills Shortage


In April 2012 Compuware sponsored a study that showed 71% of CIOs were worried about the looming mainframe skills shortage. This wasn’t surprising given that the first set of Boomers reached age 65 in 2011 and were expected to continue to retire in droves for the next 15-20 years. And, according to a census report, the majority of those workers will in fact retire by the time they turn 65. What was surprising was that the study revealed that … [Read more...]

Topaz: How Millennials Will Save the World Economy

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Millennials have to save the world. They are, after all, inheriting a world in crisis. Climate change, economic disparity, global political upheaval—these are all problems left to them by preceding generations to solve. One of the biggest crises facing Millennials, however, gets very little media attention. That crisis is the future of the mainframe. But make no mistake. The generational transfer of mainframe stewardship is a crisis. And it … [Read more...]

Agile for Business Agility

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In my previous blog (Going Agile), I identified the need for executive sponsorship in order to transform into a business agility model. When you hear of Agile software development, some of the first thoughts that come to mind are Scrum teams and Sprints. But did you know that there are Agile frameworks besides Scrum, such as Kanban? What about Scaled Agile Frameworks? Before you begin the journey to Agile, you first need to know why. Agile … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Get Excited about Topaz


Compuware this week announced the release of Topaz, an innovative new solution that empowers IT organizations to preserve and advance their mainframe investments. Topaz’s elegant simplicity in design and usability helps a new development workforce quickly master mainframe programs and data. This first release of Topaz specifically provides Millennial developers and data architects a simple way to tap high-value mainframe data for enterprise apps … [Read more...]

Going Agile

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How do you change a waterfall software development culture that has been in existence for decades to begin using Agile?  That was what I asked myself when I took over product development of Compuware’s Mainframe Solutions last spring. I began working with the leaders of Product Management and Development to define a 24-month plan to transform how we delivered our software.  Later that summer Compuware hired a new president for our Mainframe … [Read more...]

Apps vs. Ops: Prioritizing Your Mainframe Investments in 2015

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Discussions about the mainframe’s future often center on the need to replace operations staff. But the most pressing challenge mainframe owners face at the moment isn’t operations. It’s protecting and extending the incalculably valuable intellectual property residing on their mainframes in the form of application code. That’s why IT leaders should aggressively prioritize modernization of mainframe application lifecycle management—and not get … [Read more...]

Rocking Marginal Cost with Mainframe Economics

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Marginal cost is of paramount importance when it comes to the economics of IT.  As your business grows, after all, IT will have to support more applications, more users and bigger workloads.  If your marginal costs for doing so are high, your growth will be painful and expensive.  If your marginal costs are low, your growth will be easier and more profitable. Marginal costs in distributed computing environments, however, are nightmarishly … [Read more...]

How Companies Using Mainframes Can Thrive in the Changing IT Landscape – Lessons From Nature

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John Marzluff is an ornithologist and a professor of Wildlife Science at the University of Washington. In his new book Subirdia, he discusses his study of what happens to the suburban bird population as their landscape changes underneath them—for instance when a wooded area is cleared for new housing, shopping or golf courses. One surprising finding is that bird diversity actually increases in the new environment. Another finding is that the … [Read more...]