Dart – Google’s Next Bullseye


Just a few days ago, Google approved the release of Dart 1.1. With the stable release of this C-type object-oriented language, they are hoping to better compete with JavaScript, and hit a bullseye as the open web platform of choice for HTML/web developers. Google engineers working on Dart 1.1 are trying to create a more feature-rich and evolved language on which to build more multifaceted client-side web applications. So what advantages is … [Read more...]

Presenting Java on the Mainframe at 1DevDay, Everything Old is New Again

1DevDay Detroit

I was asked to give a presentation at 1DevDay 2012. This is a local conference that has been widely embraced by developers of many stripes. The request surprised me since the conference attendees are mainly distributed and mobile developers. I am, at heart, a mainframe developer. However, I have written almost exclusively in Java for a number of years. It should come as no surprise that my session was Java on the Mainframe. I really did not know … [Read more...]

Top Performance Mistakes when moving from Test to Production: Deployment Mistakes

In my first blog I covered Excessive Logging as being a top performance problem when moving an application from test to production. In this blog I talk about common deployment mistakes that lead to functional as well as performance problems. Whether it is missing files that lead to HTTP 4xx, misconfigured Web Server settings that severely impact performance and throughput or JavaScript problems that happen on browsers that weren’t tested. These … [Read more...]