Solve mainframe challenges with devops
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New Study: Companies Solve Mainframe Challenges with DevOps

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In “Improve Application Development And Delivery With DevOps,” a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Compuware, 96 percent of respondents said their companies involve the mainframe in new business initiatives. However, 90 percent also said they experience challenges with mainframe application development and delivery that make it difficult to innovate at “digital business speed.”

For the study, Forrester surveyed 182 U.S. and EU IT, I&O and application development professionals at the director level and above working in companies with mainframe systems of record. The study examined the challenges companies face without using DevOps practices, “the current adoption of a holistic and integrated model,” and the benefits of adopting a model like this.

Key Findings

  • Mainframe applications can make it difficult to innovate.
    According to the study, the “tools, processes and culture surrounding these applications prevent organizations from delivering great experiences.” For example, 39 percent of respondents said it takes too long to “release new features or changes to customer-facing applications,” 33 percent are forced to downsize projects to meet delivery deadlines and 30 percent are forced to work around the mainframe.
  • Business challenges on the mainframe hinder progress.
    According to 90 percent of respondents, their mainframe teams are held back by “organizational bureaucracy, internal silos that create bottlenecks, quality issues, and insufficient funding.”
  • Technical challenges hinder innovation
    According to 92 percent of respondents, compliance and security processes, insufficient application modularity, manual processes, and teams in mainframe and systems of engagement moving at different speeds all hinder mainframe application advancement.

Approaches Organizations Take

In response to these challenges, organizations are taking three approaches, the study found:

  • Moving applications off the mainframe (48 percent)
  • Working around the mainframe (41 percent)
  • Modernizing on the mainframe (40 percent)

The first two options introduce risk by leaving apps unsecure, and introduce new challenges in the form of increased costs, performance degradation, time consumption, increased complexity and duplicate tooling.

Mainframe teams opting to modernize on the mainframe face challenges such as the long time to transition, poorly performing software and a lack of modern tools that make it easier to understand business rules and program logic.

Solve Mainframe Challenges with DevOps

Companies can solve mainframe challenges with DevOps instead of migrating off, working around or struggling to modernize the mainframe. This is because DevOps “supports companies by addressing velocity for the business with shorter delivery cycles, responding faster to business needs, and delivering better quality. It improves collaboration between silos, product or service quality, and customer experience,” according to the study.

Download your copy of “Improve Application Development And Delivery With DevOps” and learn why the DevOps approach is the best choice for boosting your digital transformation by bringing your mainframe up to speed with your systems of engagement.

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