Software Access Control (SAC): Save Your Money

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It used to be enough for sysprogs to just “keep the sucker running.” They now need to contribute to saving money for their corporations. This new paradigm presents some big challenges. It requires that you understand a lot more about how hardware and software companies charge you. Knowledge helps you to determine the big wins in spite of an increasingly unmanageable workload.

The best option is to find ways to automatically save money, rather than search for it manually. One interesting way is to better manage the software license costs by controlling where batch jobs run. You can limit the licensing of expensive products to only certain JESplex members, but you want to be sure no one tries to run a job on the wrong processor.  Some software will allow you to run where you’re not licensed, but will then charge you. You need a way to ensure this never happens.

Automated Software Access Control

ThruPut Manager offers a Software Access Control Facility (SAC) that ensures software license compliance by limiting user access to expensive products. With ThruPut Manager, it’s actually easy to set up a SAC table to define where and how you want jobs to be routed.  With a small one-time effort, you can define the rules you want imposed. ThruPut Manager automatically routes the jobs to the right processor. It also ensures that if a user tries to run a job on an unlicensed processor, they will be notified of it, as well as where the job can run.

While not all software is licensed in such a way that you get charged if someone runs jobs on the wrong processor, enough of it is that it can make a difference in your bottom line. And since it’s easy, why not do it?  The cost savings make ThruPut Manager and its Software Access Control a worthwhile thing to consider.

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