Which New Technologies Should I Learn?


Looking out at the technological landscape these days can be daunting. Going through industry publications, it seems like on every page there is a new framework, API or library discussed. Just the other day in the locker room a couple of guys were talking about the applicability of C# vs. F#(I am not making this up  - what the F#@$!?). The good news is you get to learn something and try new ideas every day! Since moving from developing … [Read more...]

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Coding – Are these the Fundamentals of the Future?

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Back in early December, President Barack Obama spoke during Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) to highlight the ongoing available opportunities and demand for current and future programmers: "Don't just buy a new video game, make one!" he said. "Don't just download the latest app, help design it! Don't just play on your phone. Program it." This most recent CSEdWeek, December 9-15, 2013, featured an “Hour of Code” campaign; an … [Read more...]

Y2K Pizza Party – Uncovering the Y2K Problem and Prepping the Industry 14 Years Ago


Well, another holiday season is over and as I recover I tried to remember my most memorable New Year’s Eve celebrations. Most I can’t remember. Maybe it’s old age kicking in, maybe it’s for a lack of doing anything exciting, or maybe it’s the alcohol effects. One very distinct memory is that of the year 1999 bringing in 2000. Besides the arrival of a new century, there were many predictions of doom and gloom. The most feared was the impact of … [Read more...]

Simple Tech that Went Crazy – Magnetic Compass


In a time and place when innovation is an expectation and true discovery an almost daily occurrence, it is easy to lose track of the tech that is so simple and elegant it may not have fundamentally changed in a thousand years. Tech now so common place that its absence would prove to be a seemingly impassable obstacle to overcome. And what more important than the device that spawned an era of human exploration, setting into a motion an evolution … [Read more...]

Dart – Google’s Next Bullseye


Just a few days ago, Google approved the release of Dart 1.1. With the stable release of this C-type object-oriented language, they are hoping to better compete with JavaScript, and hit a bullseye as the open web platform of choice for HTML/web developers. Google engineers working on Dart 1.1 are trying to create a more feature-rich and evolved language on which to build more multifaceted client-side web applications. So what advantages is … [Read more...]

Will IT and the Business ever get along?


Ever hear this before? Marketing: “Keep IT out of this.  If they get involved they are going to slow the project down with too many internal processes and we’ll never get the app we need, when we need it.  Let’s get some agency quotes and go from there.” Or this? IT: “Yeah, we’ve got incredible data that marketing and product management would salivate over, but we’ve learned our lesson in the past. If we go to them with an idea, it gets shot … [Read more...]

The Yin-Yang CIO


In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus was the god of beginnings and transitions, usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. The Romans named the month of January in his honor. Is it possible for the CIO to have two faces, one as a business innovator, the other as the manager in charge of “keeping the trains running on time"? Is this the right question to ask about the role of the CIO in … [Read more...]

Top Tales from Tech Support


The head-banging, mind-numbing, keyboard destroying #techfail's of the technically deficient user are what unfortunately both fuel and extinguish our spirits in the IT world. I love people, but stupid is as stupid does and no matter how hard we try, its impossible to “Gump-it-down” for some morons to find a way to get through their day without terrorizing ours. So with that in mind we bring you the best from our favorite subreddit, Tales From … [Read more...]

9 Terrific Technologies for 2014


As IT departments are continuing to plan and tweak their 2014 budgets, they need to take emerging and developing technologies into consideration, and how they may be applied toward their organizations. While certain technologies may not be relevant to all industries, it is important to keep abreast of what’s the latest and greatest to ensure that your company is putting technology to work for it. Doing so may improve efficiency, cut down on … [Read more...]

10 Sci-Fi Tech Fails


While techfails are a serious issue faced by organizations across the globe – a challenge that can negatively impact IT and the business – we’ve also noticed that techfails occur in other places (or even at other times), such as in a galaxy far, far away or even deep into the future. But in these techfail scenarios, forget about the impact on brand reputation or your bottom line – you could get obliterated by the Empire. Or inadvertently start … [Read more...]