Happy 21st Anniversary Ruby!


“Who’s Ruby?” you might be asking yourself. Not who, but what is Ruby? The Ruby celebrating an anniversary this week isn’t your Aunt Ruby and Uncle Don, but a programming language created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. Over two decades ago, Ruby’s creator had a vision of forming a language that brought together the best features of both functional (declarative) and imperative (procedural) programming. He combined portions of his preferred … [Read more...]

How to know when code is complex, Part 2: McCabe Complexity Metric


In my last post I discussed code complexity and the advantages of breaking complex code into smaller blocks. But how can we judge the size of these blocks?  How can we quickly know the number of decisions in each block?  If we think in terms of the delicate balance in a Calder Mobile, how do we ensure the blocks are similar in size and we get the “balance” that we need? This is where the McCabe Complexity Metric comes in. The Metric was … [Read more...]

Big Blue’s Watson Group Selects Big Apple Home Base


IBM’s Watson Group – the effort to take IBM’s brainy, Jeopardy-winning technology into new commercial realms, has dropped down in the East Village section of Manhattan on a mission to change the world. And it just might. To be sure, Watson (the name a nod to the former chairman of IBM – but also evocative of the famous Sherlock Holmes sidekick) is embarked for mostly uncharted territory with its plans to supplement human intelligence. … [Read more...]

3 Big Data Lessons from a “Big 3” Company – Ford


In a recent interview from Gigaom Structure Show podcast, Ford Data Science Leader, Michael Cavaretta discussed lessons learned in harnessing the power of big data, (large complex data sets requiring advanced processing), and how to best put it to use. “Big data” at Ford can mean anything from data coming off the car and truck production lines to customer feedback at dealer locations and customer service centers. In this interview, he talked … [Read more...]

Top 3 Blunders Found in Developer Résumés


Are you afraid of being sucked into the “resume black-hole”? Well, I’m here to tell you the infamous “black hole” doesn’t have to be so scary IF you can avoid a few ever so common technical resume blunders. Before we begin, as we go through these “blunders” keep these things in mind: The minute you release your resume into cyber space, you’re relying on it to sell all your accomplishments and the talent you can bring to an organization. … [Read more...]

Is IT Still Not Stepping Up in the New Normal?


Wanted: Programmers who act like customer service representatives and IT managers who think like business majors. Job descriptions may not actually be written that way, but these “additional” skills are becoming mandatory for many companies when they hire technologists. Netflix gets it: “You seek to understand our strategy, market, customers, and suppliers.” “You are broadly knowledgeable about business [and] technology….” “You … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Apps Google Cast™ Ready


The wildly popular $35 Chromecast has seen tremendous growth, but until recently it has been limited to use with the Chrome browser and just a few mobile apps.  However, with the public release of Google Play Services 4.2 and the Google Cast API, the number of Google Cast Ready apps is about to skyrocket! Whether your app deals with audio, video, games or collaboration, you will want to look into supporting Google Cast.  And if you’re as … [Read more...]

Facebook Blu-ray ‘Cold’ Storage – Will it be Hot?


All companies and consumers find themselves in need of a reliable backup system with ample storage space. But what does a company the size of Facebook do, with over 1 billion users, over 54 million user pages, and an average of 20 million apps installed daily? Apparently, they create a new storage cabinet, one that holds 10,000 Blu-ray discs boasting a petabyte worth of space! Into this vast storage goes their “cold” or rarely accessed archived … [Read more...]

How to know when code is complex

Calder Mobile

“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.” This quote has been attributed to different people, from Albert Einstein to Pete Seeger. Whatever the origin, I think it really applies to code. When given a task to accomplish developers should all be able to code something that will work. But how will it be understood and maintained in the future?  How can you objectively measure something as complex... as … [Read more...]

What is Mobile Application Performance Management?


…This was one of the questions that we discussed on stage at Mobile Apps World in San Francisco last week. It reminded me that I never wrote a blog about this topic and these are my key findings: Looking only at the number of crashes as key performance metrics is a thing of the past Users expect  the same or faster performance from a mobile app compared to the desktop web Don’t let a third party provider or your back-end services ruin … [Read more...]