Could Your Phone Wires Hold the Key to Faster Internet?


When you look at a landline telephone, you probably see a relic of the past. How many of us use landlines? The twisted paid copper wiring run from telephone pole to house represents so much obsolescence in a world where even Mount Everest has 4G mobile coverage. But as old as landline technology is, it could be an economical key in bringing higher-speed Internet to more places. Those last mile copper wires might be capable of bringing … [Read more...]

Cloud Operations Planning, What Will Change


I’m a cloud computing consultant by trade. This means I work with dozens of companies who are moving to “the cloud.” In doing so, they need to understand what will change, as well as what will not change. The larger questions are typically around operations, including: What are the basic changes? What will it cost? Who should run things? What new tools should be employed? Let’s review some of the answers. What are the basic changes? When … [Read more...]

Laying the Groundwork for Solid Foundations: Attributes Supporting Accelerated Delivery

CIC Guide: Continuous Delivery Realization

So “how” does one go about laying the foundations for accelerated delivery? Of course it is not always easy when one already has processes and tools already in place since changing established (or to put it more succinctly, ingrained) habits can be challenging. Our research was able to determine the core focus areas that must be addressed in order to support, manage and govern the workflow for accelerated or continuous delivery so that it can … [Read more...]

A Blackberry for Every Student!

Attribution: BarbaraLN

I recently read a story on The Verge that LA schools are investing in their students by getting each of the 640,000 students an iPad.  At first blush I was glad to see that schools are catching up to how technology can assist in the learning process.  But then I stopped short when I started thinking about the approach.  Didn’t we learn anything from what has happened in the enterprise?  It used to be a company Blackberry for every employee.  That … [Read more...]

Application Development – Who calls the shots?


Once upon a time (otherwise known as when I first worked in analysis) it was possible for the guardians of the purse to call for a set of numbers indicating the cost of procuring a new application.  Much activity would take place, usually lasting months or even years, whilst information on operational, technical and, most importantly, economic feasibility was gathered.  Thereafter estimates were produced and, in due time, formal plans.  With … [Read more...]

5 Things Experienced Network Administrators Know


Most people don’t think of the IT guys unless something goes wrong. Network administrators are often relegated to the back of the office, and few people even realize they’re back there. Once a problem crops up, though, everyone remembers the network admin -- and rushes in to “help” out. Unfortunately, this often means that co-workers forget that the network admin is an expert. Chances are that the network admin knows what’s happening. At … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Improve Mobile Site Performance with Page Speed

cache is king

This tip sheet is a basic guideline to help you utilize insights from Google Page Speed to decrease response times, improve mobile performance and achieve increased revenue from your strategic and tactical mobile initiatives. 1. Reduce Round Trip Times Wireless networks are high latency and low bandwidth. Every time your browser sends a request and waits for a response, your site is compromised by round-trip time (RTT) that downgrades … [Read more...]

Two Pillars Underpinning the Foundations for Accelerated Delivery

Attribution: Chor Ip

At the start of 2013, I and the rest of the CIC analyst team carried out some research which involved talking to a mix of end user organizations from Europe and the US from across a number of industry verticals e.g. Government, finance, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. We spoke to senior practitioner roles to get an understanding of the existing operational and development processes, the focus on DevOps and their capacity for continuous or … [Read more...]

Big Data? Let’s talk about LITTLE data!


OK, I'm going to stay on tech here, away from the politics of big-data, because you can draw your own conclusions.  By now EVERYBODY has heard about 'big data', the information companies gather and what the government requires they acquire.  I personally have been involved in 'lawful intercept' projects and understand the technologies and laws that govern access. The fact is that ‘you’re opted in’, whether you like it or not, so when you think … [Read more...]

Inside a Hackathon – #HackTheMuseum at The Henry Ford Museum

hackathon work in progress

What does M&M’s, Red Bull, laptops and APIs all have in common? A hackathon! This last weekend, during the annual Detroit Maker Faire, The Henry Ford museum ran it’s first hackathon and I had the honor of being a judge. Hackathons are common sights at events like Maker Faire, and it is easy to see why. The spirit of a hackathon is founded in digital innovation. Teams get together on the day of the “hack” and have a finite amount of time to … [Read more...]