Opportunity, Risk, and the Technology Gap


You know them well - ready-to-go-technologies to leverage and disrupt. Let's just call them big-data, cloud, web-services and mobile-OS, although each term has been hijacked, scrubbed and polished to sell you something much less than the technologies really have to offer.  You have to be savvy enough to see far beyond the hype. BUT... ...The technologies themselves don't really matter, because there will always be something new.  Who cares? … [Read more...]

100% Performance Overhead by WebSphere Activity Log: When Dev is Not Aware of Settings in Production

Invocation And Exception Count

The potential overhead and performance impact of log outputs has been discussed in several of my previous blog posts. In this new case I came across a severe response time impact on WebSphere caused by incorrect usage of a global shared logging service. The following two graphs show average and maximum response time of some key online service pages. Spikes up to 500s (for one of their self-service portals) turned out to be caused by … [Read more...]

Will MariaDB Take Over MySQL as the World’s Most Popular Open Source Database?


One of the big debates in the world of technology relates to MySQL and its acquisition by Oracle. MySQL was purchased, back in the day, by Sun. Then, in 2010, when Oracle purchased Sun, MySQL came with it. However, since the Oracle acquisition, there have been questions about whether or not Oracle has really been good for MySQL. (Some even think that Oracle is basically suffocating MySQL.) With these questions about the future of MySQL, some … [Read more...]

The Buck Stops with IT


Got a smartphone that doesn’t sync right?  Just upgrade! Got a TV that doesn’t stream Netflix? Time to shop for a new one! Laptop feeling heavy? Buy a tablet! Man, consumers have got it easy.  They don’t have to solve tech problems.  They just buy the latest gadget.  They don’t have to write a custom app to adapt to the latest and greatest new feature.  They can just buy the latest and greatest device. Not so for IT.  Technology innovation … [Read more...]

Is Apple positioning itself for a new wave of data?

pio3 / Shutterstock.com

Apple’s September 10th announcement of the new iPhones was greeted by negative commentary and a drop in the price of its stock. Dylan Tweney, executive editor at VentureBeat spoke for many when he asked if this is “the beginning of a long decline.” After a couple of days, however, some commentators got over the colors and the plastic and declared that there were indeed a few new things to chew on: A 64-bit chip and a “motion coprocessor.” The … [Read more...]

“Everybody Codes!”

paul czarnik warcry

That was my battle-cry when I ran all the development labs which ran hundreds of product development projects a year with 1,500 technical folks.  Now, I did have specialists who did not code, but when I was hiring new talent, programming ability was high on my list of requirements.  When it comes to these non-coding functions, I was looking for a basic understanding on how code and data work. Here's why. Programmers are problem-solvers and … [Read more...]

What Kind of Developer are You Looking For?


A good developer is hard to come by. I recently read a classic post from Tammer Saleh about the most important trait a developer can have. His verdict? The most desirable trait a developer can have is judgment. Why Does Judgment Matter? Developers have great jobs. They get to work with emerging technology, and they are at the forefront of the next Internet revolution -- whatever that is. Many developers are enthusiastic about the next big … [Read more...]

Big Data with SAP HANA


I’ve been interested in large scale computing ever since I was introduced to it at the University of Southampton where the Computer Science department was heavily involved in Data Mining and Grid Computing research, which obviously influenced the courses on offer and what the lecturers liked to talk about. My dissertation looked at how these techniques could be applied to protein folding research, which generated much more data than could be … [Read more...]

IT Faces Playstation Expectations with Atari Technology

technology gap

Technology innovation is happening so fast it is an exciting time to be a consumer, but a hellish reality for anyone in IT.  Just as the consumerization of IT started and the pace of innovation multiplied, IT budgets got cut.  They were told to make the best of what they had.  Maybe next year would be better and they could invest in that much needed upgrade.  Now, IT is facing a large technology gap between what they have in the enterprise and … [Read more...]

How Hard Can it Be? Find Out with the Halstead Maintenance Effort Metric

sisyphus character

In a previous post I discussed Halstead Metrics as a good way to gain insight into the complexity of a program. Vocabulary and Length in particular get to the heart of what’s important in a program, but there are other calculations based on the Operands and Operators counts. Here are other Halstead metrics with their commonly used descriptions: Computed length (N^): A prediction of program length, computed n1log2n1+n2log2n2. Volume: A measure … [Read more...]