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Musings & Observations from SHARE Orlando 2015 Blog Series – August 9

One look at the agenda for SHARE Orlando 2015 reveals that the very essence of the mainframe is changing.  After years, decades possibly, focused on glass room advancements the mainframe is now a full-fledged member of the overarching digital community.  Sure there are still the classic bits and bytes sessions on z/OS, CICS, DB2 and IMS but there are an almost equal number of sessions on Linux, Java and mobile.  What is your mainframe?  Your mainframe is what you need it to be.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the keynote presentations today and Tuesday.

Tom Rosamilia from IBM will give this morning’s keynote and discuss how IBM systems are set up now and into the future to meet business needs in the digital era.  IBM has upped the ante with the z13 and it will be interesting to get a glimpse into the future as IBM sees it.

Compuware’s CEO Chris O’Malley will follow that up with the opening talk for the MVS program at 10:00 am – a panel discussion on overcoming mainframe apathy and exploiting the mainframe’s incredible strengths.

Together these talks will touch on the importance of winning both the hearts and the minds of modern mainframe organizations.  Hopefully everyone at SHARE will walk away as mainframe evangelists, convinced that the hardware, the software and the institutional knowledge make the mainframe ideally suited for today’s modern IT challenges.

Finally on Tuesday Joseph Lambert from the CIA will give us a glimpse under the hood as the CIA addresses the technical challenges confronting security today.  Should be a fascinating next step to SHARE Seattle’s keynote presentation by Philip Young, “The Security Gap.”

This should be the start of a busy week for Compuware at SHARE as well. David Rizzo will follow up Chris O’Malley’s talk with a presentation on Monday at 11:15 regarding Agile development and the mainframe.  What’s holding you back from adopting Agile?   On Wednesday at 1:45 Bob Yee will present a talk on user experience rolling out PDSE to their organization.   Finally on Friday at 8:30 I will complete the circle and give a talk on COBOL 5 migration strategies, a great win-win opportunity to both begin leveraging agile and incorporating PDSE into your organization – and recoup CPU time as well!

The Sunday evening fireworks here at the Dolphin hotel where SHARE is based were memorable.  Can’t wait for the fireworks to begin again this morning as SHARE Orlando 2015 kicks off!

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James Liebert

Jim Liebert is a subject matter expert for Compuware’s Developer Productivity solutions. He has development experience with both established software companies and startups. Most recently Jim has helped companies get the most out of Compuware's Topaz Workbench. Jim lives in Seattle, just up the block from a coffee shop.