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Musings & Observations from SHARE Orlando 2015 Blog Series – August 12

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It’s interesting to read the tea leaves at SHARE. Sessions are broken down by categories, some generic and some specific.

For instance in the general “hot topic” categories – there are 25 Big Data /Big Analytics sessions, 36 Cloud sessions, 25 Mobile sessions, 44 sessions on Security and 39 sessions on z13 and new Systems. There are some duplicates in the categorization and remember the mainframe has a firm footing in those last two hot topics. The first three (Big Data, Cloud, Mobile) really represent where the mainframe would like to be better situated. And looking at those sessions some are a real stretch. One would expect that come SHARE San Antonio the feelers that SHARE is putting out this time around may be slightly more concrete. And, as always, expect winners and losers.

In the more traditional SHARE categories, I count 37 CICS sessions, 41 IMS and DB2 sessions, 82 application development sessions, 58 sessions involving Linux and 133 involving z/OS Systems programming. Again what to divine here – more sessions on Linux than IMS and DB2? And is the ratio of Systems sessions to application sessions indicative of the ratio of systems to application personnel attending SHARE? And then there are the outliers that prove there is a scratch for every itch – six session on Tape! And categories that had fallen out of favor and rotated back into the sunshine – 60 sessions involving z/VM!

I’m sure it’s dangerous to draw a lot of conclusions from the numbers, but one thing is certain: SHARE, and by extension the mainframe, is a big tent!

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