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Musings & Observations from SHARE Orlando 2015 Blog Series – August 10

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The first day at SHARE always starts with the keynote address. This year it was by Tom Rosamilia, a SVP from IBM. He identified five main topics: mobile, analytics, cloud, application development/skills and security. What really struck me were some of the numbers: in mobile 68% of app developers are unaware of back-end processing implications as they make requests; in analytics 90% of data is never looked at and 60% of data is not useful one day later; in application development there are an estimated 10 million Java programmers. Tom did a great job proselytizing the mainframe. Although I have to admit I wish the mainframe was the thought leader in some of these areas rather than the latest with the greatest.

A great counterpoint discussion was the Apathy Virus forum led by Chris O’Malley from Compuware. He made the equally vital point that in some ways the mainframe community is its own worst enemy. We need to stand up and demand our place at the corporate table or risk being starved out by other platforms. Gone are the days of big beats small. Welcome to the world of fast beats slow. And our best bet is to take the steps necessary to make the mainframe both big and fast – the best of both worlds.

The rest of the day I spent in a cross section of sessions that show what SHARE has to offer. I went to sessions in my specific area of interest (COBOL 5.2 by Tom Ross, Debunking Agile Myths by David Rizzo and What’s new in PL/I and C++ by Visda Vokhshoori), to a session about a topic I knew nothing about (Docker in Linux on the Mainframe by Jay Brenneman), and finally to a session where end users talked about their specific experiences (Modernization Real Life Scenarios by Keith Hallquist and Harry MacCord).

It’s my sincere hope that other SHARE attendees use their time here to get technical updates on subject areas that affect their specific job but also to dabble in other technical topics. For instance my Monday at SHARE could be summarized with “Got charged up, got challenged, got updated, got something brand new and got some real life examples.” All in one day! And that’s the best of SHARE.

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