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Making the Right Choice Between Mainframe Software Companies

In 2012, s IT Solutions Austria—the IT services branch of Erste Group, a major financial services company in Central and Eastern Europe—decided to outsource its mainframe operations. The organization began looking into the mainframe software companies it partnered with to determine which of them it could consolidate services with to save money.

Erste Group employs 46,000 people at 2,700 branches and serves 16.2 million customers in seven countries, creating an enormous amount of bank transactions via web and mobile applications continually increasing the mainframe workload and convoluting the IT environment. For s IT Solutions Austria, this created the challenge of identifying and resolving mainframe resource consumption issues to control costs and safeguard application service levels.

As s IT Solutions Austria prepared to consolidate mainframe services with vendors, it needed to determine if it was using an optimal solution for mainframe application analysis to meet its growing challenges as a large competitor in a world becoming increasingly digital.

Choosing the Better of Two Mainframe Software Companies

To make a determination, s IT Solutions Austria compared its current mainframe application analysis solution, Compuware’s Strobe, against a competing solution. After meeting with local technical specialists representing each product, s IT Solutions Austria was convinced Compuware’s Strobe was more effective than the competing solution in finding ways to reduce MIPS and maintain a low level of consumption.

By making the right choice between mainframe software companies and sticking with Compuware’s Strobe for application performance management and analysis, s IT Solutions Austria was able to maintain the quality and cost-efficiency of its z Systems, ultimately reducing mainframe application resource consumption by 95 percent. And following a release upgrade of the product, s IT Solutions Austria experienced an additional reduction of resource consumption.

Meanwhile, there were additional challenges s IT Solutions Austria needed to solve in a quality and cost-efficient way, including:

  • Enabling development with multiple programming languages and database applications
  • Providing next-generation developers with modernized mainframe development tools
  • Facilitating better collaboration between development and operations teams

In addition to Compuware’s Strobe, s IT Solutions Austria began using Topaz, a modernized Eclipse-based IDE for mainframe application development, and solved resolved its additional challenges. As a result, s IT Solutions Austria:

  • Enabled collaboration on problem resolution between development, operations and non-mainframe IT staff
  • Optimized the mainframe development environment to keep pace with an accelerating digital economy
  • Continued a relationship with one of the leading innovative mainframe software companies helping to modernize the mainframe for the future

To learn more about how s IT Solutions Austria determined to use Compuware’s tools to maintain the quality and cost efficiency of its z Systems and to innovate its mainframe development environment, read the s IT Solutions Austria case study.

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