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Why Compuware and XebiaLabs Decided to Integrate ISPW with XL Release

When you’re developing software to maintain and improve the mainframe environments of the world’s largest companies, you want to provide them with solutions that meet their most pressing needs. The best way to do that is by building and continuously expanding a cross-platform DevOps toolchain that enables Agile mainframe development.

DevOps requires an ecosystem of products—a toolchain—as opposed to one monolithic product or set of products. In the digital age, you can’t be locked into tools that prevent you from accessing new and better options. And you want to leverage the same development tools across teams as much as possible.

This is precisely why Compuware and XebiaLabs decided to work together to provide an integrated continuous delivery system for cross-platform release management.

Through the integration with XebiaLabs XL Release, DevOps teams using Compuware ISPW can leverage the tools they already have to automate, standardize and monitor code deployments across multiple platforms into multiple target environments. This automation and monitoring includes test/QA, pre-copy staging, and code promotion.

There is an array of important reasons behind why we chose to integrate ISPW with XebiaLabs XL Release. Let’s look at some of the big points that helped us make the decision.

What’s So Great About XebiaLabs?

When it comes down to it, XebiaLabs is the best at what it does. That’s why, based on XebiaLabs application release automation capabilities, XebiaLabs was top-ranked by Forrester in The Forrester Wave strategy category and Gartner named XebiaLabs a leader in its 2016 Magic Quadrant.

It’s easy to see why third-party research institutes recognize XebiaLabs as a leader. For one, XebiaLabs is super responsive. Like Compuware, they understand the mainframe is vital to large companies’ computing environments and must be included in the orchestration and deployment automation process. They understand what it takes to work with large, complex companies and provide support for multiple approvers. Many times, large enterprises employ people who must approve moving from one important step to the next in the deploy process and XebiaLabs provides this much-needed support.

Additionally, XebiaLabs works at scale: big companies, complex systems and many groups to work with across the organization. As such, they provide high quality customer support, making it easy to work with them at customer sites.

What’s So Great About XL Release?

First and foremost, XL Release is flexible like ISPW is flexible, and it couldn’t be easier to integrate the two tools with Compuware’s updated ISPW APIs.

Regarding functionality, XebiaLabs XL Release allows you see the entire deployment process in a single view. It allows manual steps to be included, and this is vital to DevOps. Just because you adopt DevOps doesn’t mean everything is magically automated. Rather, you start with manual processes and automate the biggest pain points first. You need an orchestration product that allows you to easily move from a manual process to an automated process, and that’s what XL Release does so well.

Time matters. XL Release provides orchestration that captures the start-end time of every step in the defined process. This means you see the duration of manual steps as well as automated steps, helping you determine what to automate next. If you find a time-consuming process that could easily be automated, doing so would make a big difference in the process time without having to do lot of work. To make intelligent decisions you need this information.

XL Release also allows processes to execute in parallel, enabling parallel development, meaning customers can do tasks on mainframe and distributed platforms simultaneously. Doing work simultaneously speeds up the overall time of the process. XL Release makes it easy to define processes that can be steps running in parallel. Again, it shows the execution time of these parallel steps, allowing you to determine the time savings and to look for more parallel processing opportunities.

Lastly, when things go wrong, XL Release provides information to start diagnosing the problem without leaving its environment. You must look at the other integrated products to ultimately find and correct the problem, but having an initial starting place to diagnose a failure is a huge time-saver.

What’s Right for Customers

As an Agile-DevOps mainframe software company, it made sense for Compuware to integrate ISPW with XebiaLabs XL Release as we move forward in modernizing the mainframe, but more importantly, it made sense for our customers who are expanding their own mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchains.

XebiaLabs XL Release has been an inimitable addition to our own DevOps toolchain and, therefore, the toolchains of our customers. By integrating with this caliber of a DevOps solution, Compuware is making it easier than ever to incorporate the mainframe into your enterprise-DevOps strategy.

To see the ISPW/XL Release integration in action, watch the collaborative webcast we put together with the people at XebiaLabs.

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Glenn Everitt

Glenn Everitt joined Compuware as part of a startup acquisition. He was the Chief Architect of the startup’s core application. Glenn has architected products that run on Mobile, Windows, Linux and Mainframe platforms. He is actively involved in technical due diligence of Compuware acquisition efforts. Glenn is currently working with Product Management on product strategy and its technical feasibility.