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Federal Government and the Mainframe Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

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This morning, Compuware was thrilled to host Congressman Tim Walberg, who is serving his fourth term as the representative of Michigan’s 7th District and is a member of the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and Procurement Reform—among other committees, subcommittees and caucuses.

Congressman Walberg’s regard for listening to others was evident throughout his visit to our Detroit headquarters, where he spent time learning about how Compuware is mainstreaming the mainframe. During this time, Congressman Walberg:

    • Heard the story of Compuware’s Agile transformation
      Just over two years ago, Compuware made a full turnaround to become the world’s most innovative mainframe software company. Today, Compuware embodies the modern culture, processes and tools necessary to release new products and enhanced functionality every 90 days


    • Took a tour of Compuware’s mainframe software development organization
      Congressman Walberg was able to see firsthand how our gritty team of Compuware developers—including 29 Millennial developers and a handful of savvy interns—are working within a DevOps culture using Agile processes and state-of-the-art toolchains to produce software that solves our customers’ challenges. He saw a Scrum team in action showing that Compuware not only espouses Agile DevOps on the mainframe, we live it.


    • Saw firsthand the innovative and modern IBM z13 mainframes in our data center 
      We were privileged to show Congressman Walberg Compuware’s data center. He got to see the mainframe for the first time, and he learned how incredibly powerful, securable and innovative the mainframe platform actually is.


  • Answered questions from Compuware employees after addressing them
    At the end of Congressman Walberg’s visit, he gave a generous amount of time to hearing Compuware employees’ questions regarding what he’s doing for our country. During this time, the congressman also made it clear he understood how impactful the Agile/DevOps culture, processes and tools Compuware uses truly are.

There’s no question the mainframe is the most powerful backend data transaction system for enterprises and, yes, our United States government. Designed specifically to handle the rapidly increasing access of mainframe data by web, mobile and cloud applications, the IBM z13 mainframe is capable of processing 2.5 billion transactions per day.

Through Compuware’s transformation to a determined, Agile and innovative mainframe partner, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to set the record straight regarding the mainframe and its future. We’re grateful to Congressman Walberg for giving us an opportunity to explain our story of becoming an Agile mainframe software company.

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