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Big Blue’s Watson Group Selects Big Apple Home Base


IBM’s Watson Group – the effort to take IBM’s brainy, Jeopardy-winning technology into new commercial realms, has dropped down in the East Village section of Manhattan on a mission to change the world. And it just might. To be sure, Watson (the name a nod to the former chairman of IBM – but also evocative of the famous Sherlock Holmes sidekick) is embarked for mostly uncharted territory with its plans to supplement human intelligence. … [Read more...]

9 Terrific Technologies for 2014


As IT departments are continuing to plan and tweak their 2014 budgets, they need to take emerging and developing technologies into consideration, and how they may be applied toward their organizations. While certain technologies may not be relevant to all industries, it is important to keep abreast of what’s the latest and greatest to ensure that your company is putting technology to work for it. Doing so may improve efficiency, cut down on … [Read more...]

4 Cloud Computing Trends to Look Out For

cloud decisions

Cloud computing has ceased to be just an option that only big companies can get into. In fact, it has become an essential part of any organization’s strategies. If you are not on the cloud, chances are you are considering the move and in the very near future. And like everything in IT, cloud computing is a dynamic area where a lot of changes take place. There are a lot of trends that are related to cloud computing, and some of them are … [Read more...]

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Finally an Easy Choice


Information technology is facing a shortage – of analogies....As waves of change succeed waves of change, thought leaders (and writers) struggle to find not only fresh bits of terminology – often yet another acronym – as well as ways to describe and position those ideas relative to more familiar concepts. Platform-as-a-Service, which is getting more and more attention, certainly manages to be YAA (yet another acronym). It is also a concept … [Read more...]

VPN usage is increasing, but can VPNs really protect your privacy?


Virtual Private Network companies have long promoted themselves as a way to surf the web while protecting your anonymity from potential snoopers. Traditionally VPN users have therefore been perceived as file-sharing pirates or individuals living under regimes that heavily censor the web. But in recent years, the unrelenting war against online privacy in the Western world - waged by copyright lobbyists and spy agencies alike - has seen more people … [Read more...]

Outside the Box: Separating the Data from the Hardware


A veteran CIO recounted to me recently how responsive her IT organization has become once they started separating the data from the hardware. Before, it was common to have a hard drive failure and find out the user has not done a backup. Once they put the data in the cloud (private cloud, in this case), they became a very effective and responsive service center. No matter what happened to the hardware, they could restore the user data to a new … [Read more...]

How Cloud Computing Meshes with Traditional Enterprise Architecture


Enterprise architecture has been around for decades. It existed long before cloud computing hype, and long before modern distributed computing systems. I like to define enterprise architecture as the planning and management of IT assets so they align, and continue to align, with the business. Simply put, it’s an IT planning and management discipline. I spent much of my late 20s and early 30s speaking at enterprise architecture conferences, … [Read more...]

Cloud Operations Planning, What Will Change


I’m a cloud computing consultant by trade. This means I work with dozens of companies who are moving to “the cloud.” In doing so, they need to understand what will change, as well as what will not change. The larger questions are typically around operations, including: What are the basic changes? What will it cost? Who should run things? What new tools should be employed? Let’s review some of the answers. What are the basic changes? When … [Read more...]

Understanding Business Agility and the Cloud


One of the primary drivers of cloud computing is the value of business agility. However, business agility is much like Bigfoot. Some believe in it, few have seen it, and nobody has hard evidence of its existence. Business agility is the ability to quickly change around business needs. Examples would be adding a new product line, expanding into new markets, or providing customers with visibility into product shipments; that kind of … [Read more...]

Do Cloud Standards Mix?


Earlier this year, Booz & Company released a paper on “The Standardization Environment for Cloud Computing.” It points out the need for cloud computing standards. “Resolving the situation will require a concerted movement on the part of cloud service providers and business customers alike to promote the technological, management, and regulatory standards needed to bring order to the cloud environment.” We all get this. Indeed, those who … [Read more...]