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Changing the Future of Your Mainframe—and Your Business

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Once again, Compuware is kicking off the quarter by releasing multiple innovations that can change the future of your mainframe—and, by extension, the future of your business.

It’s our unprecedented eighth consecutive quarter—two full years—of continuous mainframe innovation. And, we are just getting warmed up.

So here’s the question: Will you…

  1. …admire us from afar while letting your business slip further into digital irrelevance?
  2. …fool yourself into believing you can survive with the painfully outdated, complex, inflexible and siloed tools our competitors keep burdening you with?
  3. …get on board with Compuware to make your mainframe fully Agile- and DevOps-enabled?

It’s a really, really important question.

What we delivered!

Our announcements today include:

  • Open APIs for ISPW. Obsolete source code management and release automation from IBM, CA, and Micro-Focus/Serena are stuck in ruinous waterfall mode. Compuware acquired and enhanced ISPW to provide essential Agile SCM for your mainframe. Now we’ve opened up ISPW with REST APIs that empower you to integrate it with your entire cross-platform DevOps toolchain.
  • Acquisition of Itegrations’s SCM migration practice. To achieve the essential objective of Agile mainframe development, you must migrate from your current waterfall-bound SCM to Compuware ISPW. We’ve made this move easier by acquiring an industry-leading mainframe SCM migration practice, along with its best-in-class methodology, conversion and integration tools.
  • Simplified ownership of Topaz. Mainframe dev/test tools have historically been impossibly complex and archaic. Compuware completely changed that with Topaz—a visually intuitive and familiar Eclipse environment that enables even mainframe-inexperienced Millennials to take on systems-of-record stewardship. Now, we’ve made it even easier for you to trial Topaz, set up Topaz workspaces, and administer workspaces over time.
  • Advancements in our quest towards #NOISPF. DevOps teams now have access to File-AID Compare within Topaz Workbench to more quickly and accurately understand file differences without accessing TSO/ISPF. Our ultimate goal is to allow developers to productively work on mainframe code without ever having to leave Eclipse for TSO/ISPF.

We’ve also expanded our mainframe Agile/DevOps ecosystem by partnering with Syncsort and SEA.

Why you should care?

These innovations matter because your mainframe applications and data matter. To successfully compete against new market entrants, you absolutely must leverage these core digital assets with Agile methods.

Unfortunately, while other vendors give lip service to mainframe modernization, they’ve utterly failed to deliver. Instead, they hold their customers hostage in a state of digital despair—exploiting a never-ending King’s Ransom of license, upgrade and maintenance fees on their horrifically obsolete mainframe tools.

Compuware has filled the gaping mainframe leadership void by re-inventing the mainframe’s future as a fully integrated participant in the Agile/DevOps enterprise. And we deliver on that promised future every quarter, like an authentic mainframe software partner should.

So here’s the ultimate question: Are you ready to claim this digitally advantaged future for your enterprise?

I believe you must, because the mainframe status quo will doom your company to digital failure. But if you require more convincing, give us a call. We’re the only mainframe software partner that has delivered the future you need today.

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Chris O'Malley

Chris O’Malley is CEO of Compuware, where he is responsible for setting the company’s vision, mission and strategy. With 30 plus years of IT experience, Chris has led the company’s transformation into becoming the “mainframe software partner for the next 50 years.” Before joining Compuware in 2014, Chris was CEO of VelociData. Previous to that, he was CEO of Nimsoft, EVP of CA’s Cloud Products & Solutions and EVP/GM of CA’s Mainframe business unit, where he led the successful transformation of that division.