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Learn in the below posts how Millennials are becoming the next generation of developers to enter the mainframe workforce, yet there are a slew of barriers preventing the majority of them from considering mainframe application development as a viable and enjoyable career, instead opting for distributed systems in areas such as mobile and web application development.

Because of the lack of mainframe education in American academics–where most colleges and universities have phased out their mainframe curricula or teach it as an historical subject–the mainframe has been painted in a poor light for Millennials. Organizations shouldn’t expect next-generation developers to file into mainframe shops and begin coding COBOL applications. For one, not enough Millennials are interested, and for another, most of them have never received a thorough–if any–mainframe education.

The onus of handling the shifting mainframe workforce, through replacing highly-skilled developers with Millennials and teaching those Millennial developers how to manage and advance mainframe IP, belongs to organizations. Fortunately, there are modern mainframe application development tools and processes available to help companies shift their cultures to align more with what next-generation developers seek in a career.

Millennials Are Here—Time to Prepare for Gen Z Mainframe Developers

By | October 25th, 2016|Agile Development, DevOps, Featured, Workforce|

Gen Z mainframe developers will arrive with their own generational idiosyncrasies, à la baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials before them. It’s the nature of the workplace, and mainframe shops should be prepared to adapt.

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