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In the below posts, discover how mainframe DevOps constitutes a culture of collaboration between software development and operations, consisting of the other components of an IT organization.

While many distributed software providers chose to adopt a culture of DevOps long ago, this mindset is entirely applicable to mainframe software development at an Agile organization. However, mainframe DevOps lacks the support and promulgation it deserves, as many industry pundits and naysayers criticize the most reliable and secure platform available and point towards counterfeit solutions for the future of the mainframe. These include managing decline by means of spending copious time and resources attempting to re-platform valuable mainframe applications, or by choosing the path of bimodal IT, relegating mainframe development to a separate silo from the rest of IT and keeping it constrained from innovation.

In the following posts, learn how bringing the mainframe into DevOps helps organizations bypass the unnecessary pain of neglecting their valuable mainframe applications that have proven to be the best designed programs for handling the pace of the digital economy as long as organizations are willing to adopt the right culture and tools for a modernized mainframe.