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In the below posts, discover what it means  for an organization to maintain high code quality on the mainframe.

An initial understanding of code quality might begin with the idea that a mainframe application or software functions and performs as expected, and that it does so smoothly, efficiently, economically and with minimal issues or impediments caused by things like bugs. But quality is far more complex than this simplified overview of the term. Another factor helping determine the level of quality in code is how closely it aligns with customer expectations. Therefore, achieving high quality should at least be considered from the perspective of how clean it is–how debugged and deficiency free it is–and how well meets the demands of your customers.

To improve code quality, your organization should be employing solutions to keep code clean and using metrics to measure performance. Consider reading up on ways to keep your code clean as well as ensure you’re delivering features and functionality your customers desire.

Balancing Complexity and Flexibility: Why Not Use the Best?

By | March 9th, 2016|Agile Dev, App Performance, Code Quality, DevOps|

Sometimes things like SCM products are naturally complex, but that complexity should be handled out of the view and participation of the user. The goal of a product should be what we’ve termed "elegant simplicity": a simple, intuitive and natural way to accomplish what needs to done.

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Data Access: Why Not Use the Best?

By | March 1st, 2016|Agile Dev, App Performance, Code Quality|

Having now used ISPW versus Endevor, you quickly appreciate the benefits of its modern architecture. You quickly begin to value the improvements in efficiency, performance and power you get with a database. And, you quickly come to the conclusion, why did I let myself fall into the day-to-day trap of tolerating the loss of productivity from a Source Code Management that is a prisoner of the past?

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Mainframe and Cloud – Oil and Water?

By | April 3rd, 2013|Code Quality|

I came across an interesting article last week entitled “Tassie retailer rejects cloud for mainframe.” It described how an Australian supermarket chain was bucking the “cloud computing” trend by upgrading to the latest Unisys mainframe technology to run its core business, including a 20+ year-old application suite. The article highlights [...]

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