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In the below posts, discover what it means to practice Agile dev at your mainframe software company. In the following posts, you’ll learn that by adopting a culture of Agile, your organization can more quickly develop and deliver mainframe software in the digital economy.

Agile is a cultural transformation in software and business processes that enable you to quickly react and adapt to changing markets and environments. The efficiency Agile dev brings to the mainframe is essential if organizations that rely on the most secure and reliable computing platform available wish to innovate and compete moving forward. The cultural shift from Waterfall to Agile dev is an organizational imperative, and to do otherwise leaves the field of competition open for smaller, nimbler, Agile industry disruptors to swoop in and take over from their slower competitors.

By adopting an Agile development framework, your organization will have the opportunity to use more efficient processes for developing and delivering mainframe software on a more frequent basis that meets the demands of the digital economy, thereby maintaining your competitive edge.