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Big Blue’s Watson Group Selects Big Apple Home Base


IBM’s Watson Group – the effort to take IBM’s brainy, Jeopardy-winning technology into new commercial realms, has dropped down in the East Village section of Manhattan on a mission to change the world. And it just might. To be sure, Watson (the name a nod to the former chairman of IBM – but also evocative of the famous Sherlock Holmes sidekick) is embarked for mostly uncharted territory with its plans to supplement human intelligence. … [Read more...]

3 Big Data Lessons from a “Big 3” Company – Ford


In a recent interview from Gigaom Structure Show podcast, Ford Data Science Leader, Michael Cavaretta discussed lessons learned in harnessing the power of big data, (large complex data sets requiring advanced processing), and how to best put it to use. “Big data” at Ford can mean anything from data coming off the car and truck production lines to customer feedback at dealer locations and customer service centers. In this interview, he talked … [Read more...]

Using Big Data to Measure Enterprise Success


Big data is not a Magic 8 Ball with instant answers. For most people, they think that all they need to do is get all the data they have and feed it to some software and it will tell them what decisions to make, or if their actions are successful or not. However, you need to plan for everything for it to succeed. And this is where good data management comes in. So how exactly do you go about using big data to measure enterprise success? 1. … [Read more...]

Only one valid big data prediction for 2014: It’s a big opportunity for CIOs


This is the time of the year when forecasters tap their crystal balls to tell us which technologies will shine and which will fade. Given that big data became so prominent in our lives in 2013, it’s no wonder it is playing a big role in these predictions. But did anyone predict last year that big data (and metadata, and Hadoop and so on) will be so frequently discussed in mainstream, mass-audience publications in 2013? And that this sudden … [Read more...]

The Age of Context in the Enterprise


Six years ago Robert Scoble and Shel Israel published Naked Conversations, a book that defined the business use of social media. Last month, Scoble and Israel released a new book, The Age of Context, which promises to define the conversation about the most important trends in our digital lives. The book, based on over 300 interviews conducted over eighteen months, is an engaging journey through the five “converging forces that promise to … [Read more...]

Outside the Box: Separating the Data from the Hardware


A veteran CIO recounted to me recently how responsive her IT organization has become once they started separating the data from the hardware. Before, it was common to have a hard drive failure and find out the user has not done a backup. Once they put the data in the cloud (private cloud, in this case), they became a very effective and responsive service center. No matter what happened to the hardware, they could restore the user data to a new … [Read more...]

Is Apple positioning itself for a new wave of data?

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Apple’s September 10th announcement of the new iPhones was greeted by negative commentary and a drop in the price of its stock. Dylan Tweney, executive editor at VentureBeat spoke for many when he asked if this is “the beginning of a long decline.” After a couple of days, however, some commentators got over the colors and the plastic and declared that there were indeed a few new things to chew on: A 64-bit chip and a “motion coprocessor.” The … [Read more...]

Big Data with SAP HANA


I’ve been interested in large scale computing ever since I was introduced to it at the University of Southampton where the Computer Science department was heavily involved in Data Mining and Grid Computing research, which obviously influenced the courses on offer and what the lecturers liked to talk about. My dissertation looked at how these techniques could be applied to protein folding research, which generated much more data than could be … [Read more...]

Big Data? Let’s talk about LITTLE data!


OK, I'm going to stay on tech here, away from the politics of big-data, because you can draw your own conclusions.  By now EVERYBODY has heard about 'big data', the information companies gather and what the government requires they acquire.  I personally have been involved in 'lawful intercept' projects and understand the technologies and laws that govern access. The fact is that ‘you’re opted in’, whether you like it or not, so when you think … [Read more...]

Top Performance Problems discussed at the Hadoop and Cassandra Summits


In the last couple of weeks my colleagues and I attended the Hadoop and Cassandra Summits in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was rewarding to talk to so many experienced Big Data technologists in such a short time frame – thanks to DataStax and Hortonworks for hosting these great events! It was also great to see that performance is becoming an important topic in the community at large. We got a lot of feedback on typical Big Data performance … [Read more...]