Automating Production JCL Updates with Compuware ThruPut Manager

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Changing production JCL is a big challenge most people would rather avoid taking on. If the code works, you don’t want to risk causing problems to your batch flow, but changes to batch output parameters may be frequent enough to cause you a major headache.

What if you didn’t have to worry about touching the JCL? What if you could make the changes you need safely, but without the approval and oversight that can elongate the process?

With Compuware ThruPut Manager, you can. Designed to automate and streamline all aspects of batch cycle management, ThruPut Manager has an answer for the problem many mainframe teams face with changing production JCL. The tool’s SYSOUT Services (SOS) allows you to use DAL (Detail Action Language) to look at DD SYSOUT statements and modify them, as necessary.

When might you do this? How about when:

  • You add a new printer
  • You reorganize groups and have to restructure which jobs print where
  • Groups of users move to a new location
  • You consolidate JES2 nodes
  • You have a datacenter consolidation

How ThruPut Manager SOS Works

ThruPut Manager SOS will let you make changes to any parameter in the SYSOUT statement or in an OUTPUT JCL statement. You can even negate a statement or add a new one. The DAL statements you create to make your changes are pretty straightforward.

First, you identify the job(s) you want to change and the ones you don’t want to touch. Then you specify the changes you want. In the example below, we’re going to make sure that any CLASS B jobs only produce one copy that go to destination COMPLEX 1 instead of COMPLEX 3:






This is a simple example, but it shows how straightforward the process is. You can even inform the person who submitted the job about the changes you’ve made, a great DevOps-enabling feature of the tool. SOS will send a message explaining which SYSOUT DD statements have been altered through the message facilities of DAL, unless you turn the feature off.

You can learn more about the automating capabilities of ThruPut Manager in the ThruPut Manager Base Product Systems Programming Guide and get a more complete list of options in the DAL Reference Guide and the JAL Reference Guide. Check the Support area on the website to download these manuals.

See what ThruPut Manager can do to make your life easier.

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