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An engineer turned marketer, Trisha is fascinated by the integration (or perhaps collision) of information technology and marketing. Trisha writes about social media, big data, emerging technologies and the transformation of IT and marketing. Connect with Trisha @TrishaWinter or at www.trishawinter.com

Performance Trends: Finding Value Amid the Hype


At a recent event, I took advantage of having some of the world’s most notable APM experts all in one place by convincing them to be interviewed on camera. What I wanted to know was whether or not the hyped-up technology trends that we see constantly in the news were really being implemented in companies. We discussed the state of cloud, mobile, big data and the process trend DevOps. I read plenty of articles on this stuff so it was surprising to … [Read more...]

Will IT and the Business ever get along?


Ever hear this before? Marketing: “Keep IT out of this.  If they get involved they are going to slow the project down with too many internal processes and we’ll never get the app we need, when we need it.  Let’s get some agency quotes and go from there.” Or this? IT: “Yeah, we’ve got incredible data that marketing and product management would salivate over, but we’ve learned our lesson in the past. If we go to them with an idea, it gets shot … [Read more...]

Technology Predictions from Technology Experts


Technology innovation is happening at such a fast pace, companies are struggling to keep up.  The best information someone in IT could have today is to know what’s next.  So that is exactly what I asked 28 individuals who have been working in technology for many years.  Their responses left me feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much disruption is headed our way, but I’ve done my best to boil it down for you. The Next Technology Disruption for … [Read more...]

Ignore Tech Performance and Small Issues Become Monster Problems [Infographic]

Monster Problems

It is the nightmare of anyone in IT.  The unexplained little problem that periodically takes an app down or makes it slow for a batch of users somehow snowballs into a gargantuan issue.  One that will suck up personal time for weeks and make life hell.  The kind where you start wondering if any of your hobbies could be turned into a business so you could quit the high-stress of IT. Sorry, but the news doesn’t get any better. As it turns out, IT … [Read more...]

Dear marketing, IT has what you’re looking for, but won’t tell you until you ask!?


I was at an awesome IT conference a few weeks ago, Compuware’s APM (Application Performance Management) annual conference.  It was awesome because >75% of the sessions were users speaking.  I learned a lot, but there was something I heard in one of the sessions that disturbed me. An IT Director was showing some of his performance dashboards and got a question from the audience about business metrics.  His response was “yeah, there is a lot of … [Read more...]

Top 10 ways that a job in IT prepares you for parenting

Attribution: storyvillegirl

No one prepared me for parenting. It is tough work, both emotionally and physically.  As I look at folks in IT, though, I figure they must be amazing parents.  How could they not?  The basic nature of their job prepares them for the most difficult parts.  They do their jobs because they love it, not for any reward or congratulations.  They are tireless. Here is what I have observed are the top 10 reasons that IT folks are fully prepared to be … [Read more...]

Are Tech Company CEOs Really Celebrities in Disguise?


As we see CEOs like Marissa Mayer on the cover of magazines and movies made about the lives of Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, it is clear that the job of CEO, particularly in tech companies, has taken on celebrity status.  These leaders give us technology that shapes our lives.  They have harsh critics (Wallstreet) and big fans (shareholders) who can worship them or hate them from one day to the next. So, let’s help Hollywood figure out which … [Read more...]

The Buck Stops with IT


Got a smartphone that doesn’t sync right?  Just upgrade! Got a TV that doesn’t stream Netflix? Time to shop for a new one! Laptop feeling heavy? Buy a tablet! Man, consumers have got it easy.  They don’t have to solve tech problems.  They just buy the latest gadget.  They don’t have to write a custom app to adapt to the latest and greatest new feature.  They can just buy the latest and greatest device. Not so for IT.  Technology innovation … [Read more...]

IT Faces Playstation Expectations with Atari Technology

technology gap

Technology innovation is happening so fast it is an exciting time to be a consumer, but a hellish reality for anyone in IT.  Just as the consumerization of IT started and the pace of innovation multiplied, IT budgets got cut.  They were told to make the best of what they had.  Maybe next year would be better and they could invest in that much needed upgrade.  Now, IT is facing a large technology gap between what they have in the enterprise and … [Read more...]

Yes, there’s an app for that business problem


I was at a family BBQ this summer and we decided we wanted to play volleyball.  The problem, it has been over a decade since we played and grass had grown over the in-ground cement posts that we put the poles in. Our options were: Start digging holes where we think the poles were; which could take all day, turn up nothing and destroy the lawn. Try to create a short-term fix by putting the poles in the dirt; which would not have held the net … [Read more...]