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Ryan (@ryanbateman) is a Marketing Manager at Compuware. He has been working in the IT and Telecommunications industries for over 9 years with experience in all forms of data communications. In his 5+ years at Compuware, he has spent considerable time experimenting with digital technologies and social media. Ryan also enjoys cynicism, soccer, basketball and video games.

50 Years into the Future: My Caveat-filled Tech Predictions


Making predictions for 50 years into the future is really hard. Especially on the Internet where everything is permanent and I’m sure the Internet Police (trolls) will remind me of my stupidity later. A few colleagues of mine featured in this video were asked to make tech predictions of their own for the year 2063. They didn’t have any advanced notice as to which questions would be asked and they are all very very smart individuals, but I … [Read more...]

#FutureTechTalk: Data Center Infrastructures

Sears Datacenter

We’ve seen what Google can do with a data center; floating barges, shipping container farms in the desert, wind/solar/geo-thermal power, but this concept from Ubiquity & Schneider Electric is new to me. They are proposing to convert old Sears auto-shops into data centers. The strategic locations of these auto shops provide a unique opportunity, serving secondary markets with these smaller footprint centers that can be stood up with an … [Read more...]

Top Tech Reviews of Healthcare.gov for the “Tech Surge” Team


All politics aside, the healthcare.gov site needs technical help. Here are some great and informative pieces of feedback to help the "tech surge" team, headed up by Jeff Zients, quickly work to improve the experience. Problems seen from the outside looking in: In this write-up from Andreas Grabner, he examines the web performance from the perspective of the end user. Most of the issues here exist apart from load problems with the site including … [Read more...]

#TechFails that Make Help Desk Cringe

major tech fail

Watching the #TechFail hashtag has become one of my favorite pastimes. It’s like people watching at the mall and you notice a jerk who just double parked across two handicap spots who’s carrying his coffee towards a patch of black ice in the parking lot… and you are enjoying every minute of it from a bench inside secretly waiting for his faceplant. The karmic justice for some of these techfails is equally amazing sometimes. But then I remember … [Read more...]

Fun with Tech Stock Photos

Typical snapchat user?

We’ve all seen terrible stock photos.  Many of are guilty of using them from time to time; the man pointing off to the side with Minority Report style floating screens photoshopped in, clouds overlaid on anything & everything representing cloud computing, the beautiful woman coding while somehow not looking at the computer screen and the group meeting of professionally dressed 20-somethings pointing at a blank tablet and smiling. Here are a … [Read more...]

10 Technologies that changed our lives and the businesses that were left behind [Infographic]


An unfortunate side effect of innovation is change. Well, unfortunate to those that don’t embrace change. As great as the steam engine, the telegraph, the telephone, electricity, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, the transistor, the personal computer or the mobile phone are, they were technical inflection points in history. What innovations forced your business to adapt? Are we missing any ruined industries that refused to … [Read more...]

How does Google Fiber (Gigabit Internet) affect User Behavior?


I consider myself a bit of a multitasker. Not necessarily by choice, but because I don’t have ANY patience for load time while researching, browsing or communicating online. During my standard web browsing session I’ll click on some sub-page link for something in one tab, jump to another to change the music track I’m listening to, jump to another to google something and then jump back to the original tab with the finally loaded sub-page I wanted … [Read more...]

How Your Favorite Sports Teams Use Technology for “Business Intelligence”


The same way some businesses are gathering collective intelligence from product usage patterns or social media chatter, teams like Michigan State University basketball or Superbowl champ Baltimore Ravens are already tweaking their game plans and delivering individual instructions to their players to gain a competitive edge. Before MSU pummeled highly ranked state-rival University of Michigan last week, scouting staff was preparing a database … [Read more...]

#FutureTechTalk: The (Near) Future of the Internet Speeds


I originally wanted this post to be about fiber, gigabit connections, blurring lines between wireless & wireline, wireless beer¹ and other wonderful advancements in Internet infrastructure to enrich our lives. I did until I was recently reminded about the FCC's National Broadband Plan; A sobering reminder of the monopoly and mediocrity in United States broadband access. What sort of innovation can we expect from a country whose average … [Read more...]

#FutureTechTalk: The Future of the Internet & Privacy


Growing Internet privacy concerns have just about the entire globe worried. Whether it’s irrationally reacting to a change in the TOS for Instagram or the latest SOPA/PIPA bills, it certainly affects us all. Out of desire for true Internet privacy, hacktivists everywhere are coming together to build open alternatives to the Internet or ways to use the existing Internet in stealth mode. Projects like The Meshnet/Darknetplan are presently … [Read more...]