About Richard Stone

Richard Stone is Senior Solution Marketing Manager at Compuware, responsible for Mobile and Cloud-based Application Performance Management solutions.
Prior to joining Compuware, Richard has held senior marketing and product management positions at Hewlett Packard, Compaq, plus a number of other US and European IT companies. His domain expertise includes mobile computing, wireless data, cloud computing, application performance management, security, compliance, and high-availability solutions for all market segments (SMB, Enterprise, and key verticals such as Finance, Government, Healthcare, and Retail.

The Connected Vehicle: Closer than you think, but what an ugly baby!


I haven’t bought a new (or newish) car for the last few years, and the current buzz around ‘connected vehicles’, and how cars will be steering themselves, and how ‘collision avoidance’ systems will make accidents a thing of the past, all seemed a bit .. well … DARPA-ish. Then my son introduced me to his ‘gently used’ (that’s the latest dealer-speak for ‘secondhand’) car. The list of features on the car reads like something out of Star Trek: … [Read more...]

What if I had unlimited wireless bandwidth… even when they close the aircraft door?

5 meeeelion bits per second

Many years ago, as I was starting out in this industry, I had a conversation with an AT&T network guru. He told me in no uncertain terms that for personal computers, 1Mb per second was the limit for broadband wireless networks. Anything more than that would require so much infrastructure, and consume so much power, that it would be totally impractical and uneconomic. But as I write this blog, I’m getting 5Mb/s plus on AT&T’s mobile … [Read more...]

Mainframe and Cloud – Oil and Water?

Does the Mainframe and Cloud Mix?

I came across an interesting article last week entitled “Tassie retailer rejects cloud for mainframe.” It described how an Australian supermarket chain was bucking the “cloud computing” trend by upgrading to the latest Unisys mainframe technology to run its core business, including a 20+ year-old application suite. The article highlights the common perception among a surprising number of commentators that mainframes and cloud computing are … [Read more...]

The Fascination & Frustration of Big Data

Attribution: Ryan Tir & music2work2

Big data fascinates me. It also frustrates me. First, the fascination: Some years ago, I read a book called “Freakonomics”, written  by economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner. The book analyzes hidden socio-economic data to connect events and trends that conventional wisdom says aren’t connected. For instance, “What do school teachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?”, and “Why do drug dealers live with their … [Read more...]

Cloud and The Enterprise Big Bang Theory

Attribution: garlandcannon

Much has already been written about how Cloud will level the IT playing field for SMBs who are trying to compete with larger Enterprises. It allows them to utilize enterprise-grade IT (salesforce automation, customer relationship management, supply chain management, disaster recovery etc) without the enterprise-grade price tags that used to go with it. The resulting increase in flexibility, agility, and time-to-market puts them on a par with … [Read more...]

This Week in Tech: MIT’s $1 Million Test, Amazon Opens Redshift, and Apple’s Fake Projects

This Week in Tech - InsideTechTalk.com

Here are this week's tech stories that caught my eye: MIT's Million-dollar Social Media Stock Market Experiment In March, 10,000 students will invest $100 each in Hong Kong’s stock market as MIT researchers try to pinpoint a connection between social media and profits. Investing has always placed a premium on the importance of inside information, but could the concept of social media-based group-investing change the very nature of how markets … [Read more...]

This Week in Tech: Dell Goes Private, Python Get’s a Big Boost, and Amazon Launches Digital Currency

This Week in Tech - InsideTechTalk.com

Happy Friday everyone. Here are notable stories from this week: Dell to Go Private in 2014 In a $24.4 billion deal, Dell, with the help of private equity investors and Microsoft, will be going private in the second quarter of Dell’s 2014 fiscal year. Dell continues to see strong growth in it’s servers business, but with consumer products losing 23 percent, Dell’s bottom line has suffered. “We can deliver immediate value to stockholders, while we … [Read more...]

What do Dell and a Wedding Dress Shop have in common?

Image attribution: scottspaeth

Dell: Dell formally announced last week that Michael Dell is leading a private buyout of the company in an attempt to revive the fortunes of the struggling PC company, beyond the quarterly gaze of Wall Street. Once the iconic PC market leader, Dell has tried over the last few years to lessen its dependence on its original business model as smartphones and tablets ate into its sales of laptops and PCs. Although some of these ventures are showing … [Read more...]

Best in Tech: 128GB iPad, Google+ Becomes #2 Social Network, CA Taxes Start Ups, and Servers Skydiving!

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Here are this week's notable stories: Apple launches new high-capacity 128GB Retina display iPad “If you build it, they will come.” Does the saying apply to tech gadgets, too? Apple’s recent announcement that they will be releasing an 128GB iPad has some in the tech industry excited, while competitors--like Microsoft--are cringing. "With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, … [Read more...]

Best in Tech: Milestones for Raspberry Pi, USB & Win8

This Week in Tech - InsideTechTalk.com

This week's Best in Tech round-up includes milestones for the Raspberry Pi, USB 3.0 and Windows 8. I also couldn't help but notice the sparked debate around including programming in the classroom and the latest news surrounding RIM.. or Blackberry. Raspberry Pi Mini-Computer Sales Strong, Top 1 Million Mark it as a milestone, Raspberry Pi Linux PC is off to a big start. Over the weekend, Raspberry Pi foundation announced they have sold a half a … [Read more...]