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Jeremy Eckhous is a marketing technologist in the Compuware Professional Services Division. Jeremy has been a part of the Detroit digital marketing and communications community for over 20 years as a digital strategist, business development professional, digital learning developer, and interactive marketing evangelist. Eckhous was a co-founder of GLIMA, the Great Lakes Interactive Marketing Association, and Connectech, the association for technology professionals. He is currently an MTAM Ambassador and an organizer of Mobile Mondays – Detroit. Jeremy is also an avid cyclist and a rabid enthusiast for all things automotive.

Microsoft Surface Pro: Early Returns Are In


It’s only been available for a few weeks, yet the pundits and technorati agree:  MS Surface Pro has some miles to go in its quest to carve out significant market share in the brutally competitive tablet marketplace.   The Surface Pro marketplace may be a little soft, too, in the form of numbers of developers actively writing applications for MS Surface Pro, and currently available applications For Surface RT and Surface Pro (about 50,000).  … [Read more...]

Raspberry Pi Hits US & Makers

Attribution: bytemyvdu

When was the last time someone offered you $25 for that Pentium III laptop you’re keeping in the basement?   (You were sure it would become a valuable antique).  On a similar note, when was the last time you could buy a state-of-the-art, credit-card-sized single-board computer  for under $35?  You read that right.  And, it comes to us from the UK, makers of other cutting-edge technology, like Triumph motorcycles and Jaguar automobiles. Eben … [Read more...]

Aggressively Mobile, Social, and Inclusive: Telehealth and Communities of Care


We recently wrote about patient engagement and the leading role that technology, and mobile technology specifically, is playing in helping this approach to telehealth come to fruition.  Patient engagement has been increasingly singled out as providing perhaps the best chance for improving patient care quality while controlling costs. While it’s easy to take the “bully pulpit” approach:  dictating healthy habits through subscriber … [Read more...]

Tweet Twice, Call Me In The Morning


People are not their diseases. This fundamental shift in attitude within the treatment community has the potential to drive a massive shift to more fully engage patients in their own care, while promoting the tremendous technological innovation that will enable development of more complex, natural, and meaningful social communications tools.   Add to that mobile, contextual access for a rich and interactive experience. The opportunities don’t … [Read more...]

“I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” – A Case for Mobile Medical Devices


Words fail us when we begin to describe the concept of wearable mobile medical devices.  Going back to the bad old days, it could mean backpack sized devices for monitoring and reporting cardiac information like blood pressure, blood sugar, and digestive functions.  A little later on, with the advent of then – new RF technology, LifeAlert made the term “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” a part of the modern lexicon, and the source of endless … [Read more...]

Bricks ‘n Clicks: Mobile Devices Empower Consumers, “Showrooming” Trends


Are you “that guy” (or “gal”)?  You know the one with tablet computer (or a smart phone) in the store comparing product prices, features, availability, shipping, taxes?  Do you delight in running circles around the hapless associate who can’t seem to command the same volume of intelligence about the product in question?  Able to compare multiple identical products and prices simultaneously? That’s “Showrooming” in a nutshell. It scares the … [Read more...]

“The Next Insanely Great Thing” – Mobile Performance Support


The (now legendary) Steve Jobs will forever be credited as the inspiration for the now-familiar phrase “The Next Insanely Great Thing” in a Wired interview in 1996.  It would later become his trademark in various venues, first as he oversaw the launch of new technology developed by NeXT Computer, and later as the CEO and defacto Cheerleader-In-Charge for Apple Computer.   The phrase embodied Jobs’ enthusiasm for the perfect package:  the right … [Read more...]

Have Your Machine Talk To My Machine…


A number of publications have proclaimed 2013 as the dawn of the era of the “Internet of Things”.   As an industry, we always need an acronym and a neat, marketable reference point to help people digest what we tell them.  There is a storm of activity around the Internet of Things; it’s appeared on at least ten of the “Top Tech Trends for 2013” lists, including those compiled by Gartner, IDC,  and M2M World News.  The numbers being thrown about … [Read more...]

Buying Loyalty and Selling Data: Do Consumers Ultimately Win?


For those of us who grew up in the ‘60’s, S&H Green Stamps were omnipresent.  A consumer (read: housewives) earned S&H Green Stamps by patronizing many retail establishments like gas stations, grocery stores, dry cleaners, etc.   Typically, you might earn 50-100 Green Stamps for a retail transaction.  As a kid, it was great fun (or torture) to lick dozens of stamps, and paste them in the Redemption Book, which would be used later at the … [Read more...]