About Dennis OFlynn

Dennis O’Flynn is the VP of Technology for Compuware’s Mainframe Solutions where he’s responsible for leading the business development and execution of strategic initiatives. He has over 28 years of IT experience with roles in development, architecture, strategic planning, and product management. These roles have spanned multiple platforms including mobile, embedded, distributed and mainframe. He is passionate about incorporating IT with business objectives to improve the customer experience.

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Agile for Business Agility

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In my previous blog (Going Agile), I identified the need for executive sponsorship in order to transform into a business agility model. When you hear of Agile software development, some of the first thoughts that come to mind are Scrum teams and Sprints. But did you know that there are Agile frameworks besides Scrum, such as Kanban? What about Scaled Agile Frameworks? Before you begin the journey to Agile, you first need to know why. Agile … [Read more...]

Going Agile

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How do you change a waterfall software development culture that has been in existence for decades to begin using Agile?  That was what I asked myself when I took over product development of Compuware’s Mainframe Solutions last spring. I began working with the leaders of Product Management and Development to define a 24-month plan to transform how we delivered our software.  Later that summer Compuware hired a new president for our Mainframe … [Read more...]

The Mainframe is All Grown Up

Classic mainframe

During my IT career, I've found myself in various roles across multiple platforms. In that time, there's been one constant that I've observed: There is often a disconnect between different IT teams and across environments. We need to work to bridge those gaps, particularly in the evolving relationship between the mainframe and distributed worlds. Over time, I've seen a lot of change in the mainframe landscape, though probably none as seismic as … [Read more...]

Breaking Down the Walls for Faster Application Problem Resolution


Throughout my career, I’ve seen a lot of mainframe technology experts who did their job extremely well – but simultaneously had little or no collaboration with the other technology experts in their organization. And not just across environments, like distributed and mainframe, but often between groups, like operations and development. But it’s not always their fault. These are not just different environments or different teams we’re talking about … [Read more...]

Santa Has a Mainframe


Just think about it: “He sees you when you’re sleeping.  He knows when you’re awake.  He knows if you’ve been bad or good.” – how can Santa do all that?  Consider that these events alone would generate over 600 million transactions per day. Let’s do the math.  There are over 200 million children in the world.  Assuming each child only wakes up once per day, that would be 2 transactions.  In addition, we can assume that each child would create at … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season . . . For High Mainframe Performance


(Jump to infographic) As the holiday season approaches and online consumer activity increases, the performance of your business-critical, customer-facing applications becomes exceedingly important. In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Compuware, 2,025 U.S. adults age 18 and older – among them, 1,191 smartphone and/or tablet users – were asked about online shopping habits and mobile devices in relation to the holiday … [Read more...]

A New Generation of Application Performance Management

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“It is all a matter of perspective!”  This old adage rings particularly true when trying to solve a complex IT problem that spans mainframe, distributed, and mobile platforms. Mainframe programs are increasingly interfacing with distributed systems to support consumer facing web and mobile applications. When a transaction is initiated via a mobile phone, the path it takes from the edge of the Internet and deep into the mainframe and back is … [Read more...]

Big Iron — Big Money

Railroad near High Bridge, Kentucky.

We know that the mainframe is often referred to as “Big Iron” for its powerful and ultra-fast ability to crunch data and process transactions. Did you know, however, that the term Big Iron, or more specifically “Big Iron Horse,” also refers to railroad locomotives? The mainframe and railroad share much more in common than a nickname. Both the railroad and mainframe each began a new industry. While the railroad opened land-based transportation, … [Read more...]