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Why You Need Current DB2 RUNSTATS


Not surprisingly, one of the questions I get asked most often asked by customers is how much CPU could they be saving – and how do they pinpoint the not-so-obvious sources of inefficiencies that might be using excess CPU. I tell them for DB2 applications, executing RUNSTATS is a good place to start. RUNSTATS is a DB2 utility that captures detailed information about the DB2 objects, tables, indexes, etc. and stores that information in the … [Read more...]

Mobile Still Dominates, but the Future Promises More Devices, More Complexity


Since the rise of mobile, we’ve all had to be in a constant state of readiness to keep pace with users engaging with websites and applications on varied and constantly evolving devices. It’s a point made in this video, the latest installment in The Family Code series, by a character known as “The Guru” – clearly the good son in this technology oriented family. As most of us know, operating in this mobile-dominant landscape is not easy for … [Read more...]

Connecting Technology Failures to Business Failures


Techfails are inevitable. But they don’t have to be the cause of major disruption and lost revenue. With appropriate preparation, the right mindset and a proactive approach to performance, you can improve your reaction times and organize your response in ways that will reduce negative outcomes on the business. In Techfail, episode 2 of The Family Code, we get to see four different approaches to dealing with costly and disruptive IT issues. Most … [Read more...]

Performance Trends: Finding Value Amid the Hype


At a recent event, I took advantage of having some of the world’s most notable APM experts all in one place by convincing them to be interviewed on camera. What I wanted to know was whether or not the hyped-up technology trends that we see constantly in the news were really being implemented in companies. We discussed the state of cloud, mobile, big data and the process trend DevOps. I read plenty of articles on this stuff so it was surprising to … [Read more...]

What is Mobile Application Performance Management?


…This was one of the questions that we discussed on stage at Mobile Apps World in San Francisco last week. It reminded me that I never wrote a blog about this topic and these are my key findings: Looking only at the number of crashes as key performance metrics is a thing of the past Users expect  the same or faster performance from a mobile app compared to the desktop web Don’t let a third party provider or your back-end services ruin … [Read more...]

Performance Test Automation for GWT and SmartGWT


This blog is based on the experience of Jan Swaelens, Software Architect at Sofico. He is responsible for automatic performance testing of the company’s new web platform based on GWT and SmartGWT. Sofico is specialized in software solutions for automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management companies. Choosing GWT and SmartGWT over other technologies About 2 years ago Sofico started a project to replace its rich desktop application … [Read more...]

Getting inside the performance engineering mindset


In the late 20th century, a “quality revolution” remade manufacturing, particularly in the US. Led by Japanese companies such as Toyota, organizations discovered that it was possible to build in quality, cost-effectively; proactively reducing or eliminating problems down the road while also enhancing manufacturability. By studying failure and determining the root cause, they could follow the problem back to its source, including design issues, … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Using Java vs Native Agent for Application Performance Management


Many Application Performance Management (APM) vendors that give insight into the runtime behavior of JVMs use interfaces provided by the Java Runtime. Traditionally Java offered the JVMPI Interface which was replaced by JVMTI with Java 5. Both options allow a tool vendor to load a native library (often called native agent) into the same process as the JVM. This library gets access to JVM state and certain aspects of application execution through … [Read more...]

Breaking Down the Walls for Faster Application Problem Resolution


Throughout my career, I’ve seen a lot of mainframe technology experts who did their job extremely well – but simultaneously had little or no collaboration with the other technology experts in their organization. And not just across environments, like distributed and mainframe, but often between groups, like operations and development. But it’s not always their fault. These are not just different environments or different teams we’re talking about … [Read more...]

Hunting a Oracle JDBC Memory Leak crashing an 80JVM WebSphere Cluster


Are you prematurely restarting JVMs to keep them from running out of memory? Or have you received the recommendation from your application experts to just “increase the Java Heap Space?” The following memory chart shows the memory consumption of 10 JVMs (4.1GB Heap each) per Host on an 8 machine cluster. It is from a large online retail store who has prepared for the online shopping season. Its JVMs kept running out of memory, crashing with … [Read more...]